Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey there, pumpkins.

Welcome all, be you boys, girls, or topless 368-headed monsters. (We don't judge here.) You have stumbled across a magical website known as

As my may have guessed, this is not your grandmother's blog. Also, it isn't your pet ferret's blog, either. This is a blog for really smart fucking people - people who look at the world and question everything, and don't mind the thought that it wasn't created by a deity of some sort. Those of us who see the world and the way it works with awe and wonder. This blog is for those of us who think the universe is the damn sexiest thing, ever.

Baby, let's work on exercising that little brain of yours.

I hereby promise that I will do my best to provide thoughtful, inspiring posts of great quality for you awesome, sexy people, often. And folks, I'm going to do it with style.

It's about to get really hot in here, kiddies. Really damn hot.

So, pull out your marshmallows. Get your mind ready for some snacks tastier than Bradley Cooper.

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